Welcome to Tank Rumble!

Tank Rumble brings you an amazing breakthrough in video game technology called 2-D. Now you can play video games in a full 2 dimensions without the need for special glasses! Well unless you need glasses to see, but that's not really our problem now is it?

Select from a wide array of weapons and then just tap and shoot, your tank turrent will swivel towards where ever your finger was and fire away on the enemy tank. With unlimited levels, enemies and weapons you're only limited by your desire for destrution.

The Basic Canon, low on power but with unlimited bullets it's always by your side to blast through enemy tanks
The High Velocity Canon, you only get a few rounds of this per match but the rounds fly fast and hit hard. It's a lot harder for the enemy to dodge a supersonic round.
The Exploding Grenade Round explodes on impact causing massive damage to anything in it's blast radius.
The Timed Explosive Round, lob a few of these at a dodging opponent and let him try to figure out when the 2 second fuse will detonate the bomb.
The Laser Canon decimates energy sheilds and burns through enemy tank armor. It uses up your rechargable battery to fire which means it has unlimited ammo, but remember your sheild also needs that battery.
The Mega Laser Canon packs an insane punch. On direct hit from this guy and your enemy is toast. It takes a few seconds to charge and will use most of your battery power to fire leaving you with lowered defenses, but it's one shot one kill with this bad boy.
The Imobilizer, tired of trying to pin down a dodgin opponent? One shot from the imobilizer will stop them in their tracks.
The Flame Thrower, is a close range weapon that lets you burn your enemies to the ground.
The Freeze Canon, hey not everyone likes to burn things. If cold is more your style freeze up your enemy in close range combat with this guy.
About the Author Eric Steimle